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We facilitate funding for a variety of assets, from low value to major capital expansion programmes, from the simple to the complex, to include;-
Cars, Commercial vehicles, Bus and Coach, Aircraft, Airport and Seaport ground equipment, Marine, Production Facilities, Plant and Machinery, Materials Handling, Computers and IT, High Tech, Medical & Leisure, Fairground rides, Fixtures and Fittings

We like to take a more open minded view of the term assets, so not only do we facilitate the funding of assets to be used within a business, but we also facilitate funding linked to future revenue streams. We do not need to think outside the box because we do not have one to start with.

Benefits to using asset finance

Asset finance is considered to be the most cash-flow friendly way of acquiring business assets. As assets tend to depreciate in value, it usually makes sense to pay for the assets over a period of time and link the payments to the revenue generated. Even for cash rich companies, leasing and finance options provide a wide range of business benefits.

Most assets can be funded, subject to credit. So whether you are looking to undertake a major capital expenditure programme for high tech state of the art facilities, or you are just replacing part of your commercial vehicle fleet as part of a planned replacement cycle, Trilogy can assist with your funding requirements.