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Trilogy facilitates the funding of technology assets. Typically these are; - high tech production facilities, IT, telecommunications, data-communications, networking products, medical, and leisure. We can arrange the funding of soft costs and software, either as stand-alone transactions or blended into contracts for hardware.

We can facilitate Operating Leases for business assets. In the real terms this reduces the individual income tax liabilities of companies and accelerates the allowances they can claim. Operating Lease payments are fully deductible over the period of a lease. In addition to the cash flow and VAT benefits derived from spreading the cost of acquiring assets over their useful life, other advantages from leasing are:-

< Technology assets can be updated as and when required. For example some of all of the leased components whenever necessary can:-
< Be upgraded or replace if the equipment has become obsolete, add new configurations.
< Change contract contents.
< Free up cash, enabling the company to finance core business projects, whose book value declines less quickly than short term IT assets.
< Reap the benefits of technological change.
< Control and plan IT budgets to optimise IT investments.
< Guarantee the installation, evolution and operational continuity of the IT portfolio.
< The solutions offered by Trilogy enable companies to adapt their IT tool to their constantly changing economic and technological environment.

Even for cash rich companies, leasing and finance options provide a wide range of business benefits.